Monday, April 14, 2014

Watch ghost movie alone

It may be the craziest thing I have done, oh well I would say I did it twice! I won movie passes to watch but the movie show time only suitable for me in day time where everyone else is working or busy. Today is the day I head to watch In the Dark, awesome movie to watch and being scare!

Some people might be afraid after watching the movie. My first feeling walking in the hall 8 alone, yeah I mean all alone and darkness in the hall without any lights on. Mmm.. this feeling scary right, so I head to restroom first to ease myself. Then I got back they are people in the hall, parents with kids talking very loud.

Second time being alone in the same mall same cinema except the hall for seeing scary movie/horror movie/ghost movie.

I'm seating alone nobody seating next me, but at the end of other side, a couple seating over the end. 

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