Saturday, April 5, 2008

Eating and watching TV

I am sure everyone know about this, eating and watching TV at the same time. Do you do that? Well, to be honest with you I did! In fact everyone in the family are doing the same. Unless there's thunder storm or else the TV will be turn on most of the time. It's not okay to watch and eat at the same time. I don't know if you notice, people that eat and watching the TV at the same time would take more time to finish their meal. If you have kids at home I am sure you didn't want them to be like you. Here's a tip which you can read about how to avoid your child to be a TV addict .

I have been seeing a lot food court and restaurant putting up TV so that customer will watch and eat at the same time. Some friends I know will telling me that they will avoid watching drama as they know they would want to catch up with it. A friend was saying that their dad has cut connection of the cable TV. But this they have rent the tapes or VCD to watch. The bad habit goes on.

Best to set time for yourself and family to watch TV. Maybe going out for bowling or ice skating have a splendour time together.

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