Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alarm systems

My sister has just bought an alarm systems. Wow, I must say its not cheap. Even though it has the life time guarantee like lightning. It cost about $2600. what do you think?

There are other cheap alarm like $500 but she didn't want them as worry it has no guarantee at all. Some alarm systems need to have wiring at home and this would cost even more. Some have security guard checking your home which you need to pay every month.

I think its up to individual to decide. My sister very lucky to have my dad, as he is supporting some money to buy too. The most important is that she will feel safe and secure in or outside her home. Even though there's nothing valuable at home, she didn't any thief going in and out of her home.

Everyone wants privacy and I think neighbourhood is important too. Say is that her neighbourhood is not friendly at all. They are not local and they seldom chat. Is just like you live your life, I live mine.

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