Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to sleep better?

All I like best is sleeping. That's very important to me, I am reading about how to sleep better . I am so in love with my bed, I couldn't sleep without it. Sometimes if I am going to holiday, I need to stay in hotel and I find it hard to fall asleep.

Sheep-counting never works for me. How about you? I feel that having a good and enough sleep matter as we'll feel refresh the next morning. Is that call beauty sleep?

I am also reading about sleep myths . My sister has been catch up on sleep lately. It also depends on her job. If there's a lot to do, she'll sleep less. Even though my dad's in his 60's, he'll goes to sleep at 9pm and getting up at 5.30am. Every morning my dad would go for his morning walk with a few guards along. Who are the guards? Man's best friend!

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