Monday, April 28, 2008

Sharing computer and internet

Do you have a computer at home? Do you share it with anyone? I am sharing mine with my sister. She always bring her work back to do even this evening. I know that she is working hard because earlier she find it difficult to look for a job.

After your age reached 35, do you have difficulty to look for job? Many company would give you a lower salary than your previous job. It happened to my sister! The salary range from her previous to her current drop drastically almost $800 different. That's a lot!

Before you wanted to quit your job is better survey the market or at least get a job offer before you quit. I know my salary range and I can say that its not much. The company do look into your qualification and job experienced.


  1. qualification and experience are needed nowadays to get a work. but, beside its, we need to develop our self with others skills like foreign language, leadership, presentation skills and many more too.

  2. its harder to get job nowadays.


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