Sunday, April 6, 2008


My dad just call me up asking me how to add contact on Outlook Express. He is using that for email and I just taught him how to use it. Actually I am not very good as well. I just use the computer at the same time he's asking and told him how.

He is happy he knows how to use it now. Just now on the phone he has no patience at all. It's good that he is willing to learn. Some people are good using a computer that doesn't mean that they are good in Internet as well.

I am learning too :)


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    your post is so cute and so true!!

  2. You know, at least your dad has learnt! Normally, trying to teach or show something to older people, they try to give cold shoulders. Why? because they think that their being older to us, they know everything under the sun. Of course, we should respect them as they have seen life more and are much experienced, but sometimes, they behave too childishly.

    You are also correct that some people using computer does not mean they are good in internet. Try telling this to people who think they know all about it.


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