Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Create Contact Form for Heart Random

As you know that I have a new blog Heart Random and now I like to introduce my new baby to you. That's NameSherry dot com. Both are contest that I won and both valid for year. So which mean that next year Sept/Oct I will have to pay for the renew domain myself.

Oh yeah having tough time to add Contact Form for Heart Random. I am doing it with help of my friend Pangeran. You can see that the contact form is there but it will not work. I wonder why it's works on Pangeran's blog.

Here's the feedback from Shann Host about the contact form.


Check the installation procedure you did for the cforms.
Installation of plug-ins like this occurs problem when the program is not properly installed or uploaded in the blog site.
It has nothing to do with the hosting provider , instead the installation procedures itself.

But if you really having a hard time installing contact form in your blog, you might want to try this;

It's a lot easier. You just need to sign-up, create a Contact Form Page in your blog, then paste HTML code.

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