Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your ad box delisted

I have email from PW about my ad box.

In viewing that page, you can see that both the displays and bid values of this box have been quite low over the past 7 days. An advertising area that isn't earning you any money isn't very useful for anyone, so we'd like to give you some tips on increasing the performance of this advertising area.

The easiest thing to do is to consolidate your ad boxes: if you have several ad boxes on several pages, you're really spreading the traffic on your site around, and every box gets a correspondingly smaller slice of the pie. Instead of having multiple ad boxes on multiple pages, putting the same ad box on multiple pages allows all of your traffic to be credited to a single ad box. This is often more profitable for you, and for advertisers, than having many boxes with less traffic.

Similarly, having many ad boxes on the same page dilutes the market. If an advertiser wants to bid on your site, he or she has to compete with every other bidder - and the more advertising areas you offer, the more supply you're providing to meet this demand. Since the bidding on ad boxes increases with competition, the more supply you add, the lower your earnings can be. Again, consolidating multiple ad boxes into one advertising area is a solution here, and may make your site design more attractive as well, as less visual real estate is given up to advertisements.

Consolidating your ad boxes is a simple matter of choosing one of your ad boxes to remain, while deleting the others. You can then put the code for your remaining ad boxes on the pages where the other ad boxes used to be, and all the traffic from these pages will be credited to this single ad box. Just be sure to mention in the ad box description the other sites your ad box will be appearing on, so potential advertisers will know they're getting a deal!

Similar to consolidation is the option to reduce the size of your ad boxes. If you've got an ad box with 4 advertising spots available on it, you could always resize your ad box so there's only 1 spot: this increases competition among bidders and can push prices up. You can resize your ad boxes under "My ad boxes" -> "Edit ad box".

A nice side effect of both resizing and consolidating your ad boxes is that it allows the remaining ads on your site to stand out more, and thus increases their value!

Additionally, minimum bids could be hurting you. If you have a minimum bid on your ad box that is above what the market is willing to pay, it's unlikely you'll get bids. Furthermore, many advertisers like to check out a site while bidding is low, and will stay around as bidding is pushed higher again. If you remove or lower the minimum bid on your ad box, you may see better performance from it!

Finally, since your traffic levels are low, you may want to consider advertising your site on Project Wonderful! Using the funds in your account to advertise the site your ad box is on can have the effect of drawing more traffic towards it, thereby increasing the value of your ad box! It's an easy way to draw more attention to your projects.

Please note that if the performance of this ad box remains low during the next 7 days, then this advertising area may be delisted. If that happens, the box will be deactivated, and you'll have to reactivate it manually if you wish to continue with it. Please consider taking some of these suggestions into account, as if we delist a box more than three times in a month, it will be permanently deleted.

We want to be clear: this is not a matter of delisting your ad box because its traffic is low: even sites with low traffic have value, and can be profitable! Rather, it's a matter of helping you best monitize this traffic you have, replacing under-performing ad boxes with ones that can work better for you and your sites.

We hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. And thanks for being a Project Wonderful publisher!

-The Project Wonderful Market Robot

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