Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Diaper haul in AEON BIg

Tonight a happy night for me but I burn a hole in my pocket, I bought XL20 diapers of Carrefour in AEON Big. The normal XL20 Carrefour brand cost RM8, another XL20 Carrefour brand cost RM10.
Due to laziness in putting napkins in washing washing mostly we are using diapers now.

My toddler knows how to remove diaper in split seconds! Anyway while update blog here, my dear having his supper. Good deal tonight 60 eggs for RM9.60, yeah two trays of eggs can last us three weeks or more.. We will see.

Son found a toy suits him, RM12 for three items in it. There is a sword, a shield and a cuff for hand. 

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