Monday, March 18, 2013

Shower gel for the girls :D

Last Saturday I get to know a mommy who loves her teenage daughters, yes I mean she loves them so much. She purchased shower gel for them to use but she didn't use the shower get at all. Wow, just look at that I mean she purchased for the children to use but she didn't use them, it shows how much she loves them.

I usually purchased the shower gel and check whether they are suitable for children or not. My son will not use the same shower gel like me. He has got his own shower gel, yeah if this big bottle finished I have got another bottle for him. :D

The mommy gets to try out the Green Tea Ginvera skin care products on spot for half her face, guess what?! Her half of face after using the Green Tea Ginvera, she got half face fairer than the other!

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