Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trapped in the trunk of car

What are you going to do if you are trapped in the trunk of car? Are you going to scream for help? This is what happened to Casey in The Call movie, she's abducted from the mall's car park. She was walking toward her car but her eyes on her cell phone but a car suddenly reversed and nearly knocked her. The guy came down to see her, she bends down because her cell phone is broken. She's facing back of the guy and he immediately catches her putting her in the trunk.

Jordan the veteran 911 gives her advice on look around in the trunk to find what's there and also check on the tail light to know if the car is new model or old model types of car. There are paint cans in the car and screw driver Casey open to spill it out of the tail light.

Sound spooky and scary? Some friends told me they are afraid to watch alone, they prefer to watch with family members or friends.

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