Thursday, July 19, 2007

My first post

Wow, for the first time starting a blog.

This maybe hard for me... surely I have a lot to learn about.

Please don't laugh at me if I did mistake.

I am thinking how many people writting blog at the same time as me.

Hmm.. no idea. How about you?

Edited: 18 March 2013, I am Sherry from Selangor, Malaysia. Mommy of two wonderful boys aged
7 yr old and another going to be 2 yr old this June. Yeah being full time mommy at home I struggle to do things I love like blogging, as I have love my blogs.

I have got many different blogs, because I have different interest. My first post here, it is my first blog where I like to share my thought and things on mind. I didn't know that I would go this far until today still blogging. :D

I started going for free premiere movies I won from magazine and online contests. I attended campaign and events, plus afternoon high-tea party.

Life is full of colours!

Thank you for coming by my blog.

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