Monday, April 19, 2010

It's BC Bloggers Party

I have been visiting blogs and seen the badge BC Bloggers at many blogs. First I like to say Happy Birthday to Paula. Now you chance to get to know me, I know many blogger friends waiting to know me better. My name is Sherry, I started blogging in July 19, 2007. I am so glad to find my love in blogging, I am happy to be full time blogger. My last job was working as admin and the Boss told me that the business is not doing well so she had me work until end of the month without paying me any compensation. Not even my commission for the job I did. I am sure nobody wants to have job like that.

Sherry Rambling is my first blog and now I am handling many blogs. I love blogging and I also like makeup. I am beginner in makeup as you can see a picture of me this is a Halloween contest I taken part last year. I did the makeup myself and it took me more than an hour. The contest is fun but I not win it.

I have two brothers and two sisters and every one of us is busy with our life. One of my siblings has become a nun. I have a blog My Mom's Best because I always think of my mom. We only meet up twice a month. I have heart random to blog on random things that I like. isherrygo is another blog of mine, I got it from winning a contest. I love everything and there is why I have got lurve everything. As I said I love blogging and you know that iblogaholic.

There is part of me that cannot forget of this job because when I was working there my Boss is pregnant at the same time as I was. There is the bitter part of it is that mine does not have a good ending because I had ectopic pregnancy. It was supposed be happy news for my dear's mom because it is her birthday we want to surprise her, sadly it turned out be bad news for every one of us. We never lose hope, we have a child now but having second one will be tough for us.

My motto of being a blogger is simple live, love, laugh. :D



  1. how do you maintain all your blogs? :D happy BC bloggers party!

  2. nice pic! lol! dropping by from BC Bloggers Party!

  3. Hi Sherry~ nice pic you have there~ and glad to know you! take care and God bless!

  4. Hi Sherry, nice make-up. Glad to know a little bit about. Dropped by from BC Bloggers.

  5. hi Chris, I just maintain all of them when I have time.

    hi seth, yeah first halloween pic.

    hi debrajill, thanks.

    hi chin chin, I did it myself.


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