Sunday, December 14, 2008

392 Looking for Sponsors Contest

Yeah I am looking for sponsors for my upcoming contest. My iluvcontest blog is going to be 400th post in no time. Now its 392 post, tell me best way to celebrate is to have an awesome blog contest. Great celebration and having fun taking part in contest right?

Hmm... still thinking about how to make the rules of the contest like what participants need to do. This is a great feeling that I am feeling which is my first time hold a contest at my blog. Yeah I am sure most friends have been waiting since a few months back.

Now I am going to have this contest and I know it is such like in a hurry. I can't help it as I am type that have no patience!

Thank you wiehanne, yeah I know its his blog now. The name is so familiar :)


  1. Hi,

    I would to sponsor your contest with 1000 EC's.

    Let me know if ok.

  2. Here is serradinho blog:

    He is running a contest too and I believe you are one of the participants. :D

  3. thank you wiehanne :) I know it now!

  4. id like to be part of this contest ! im excited!!!


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