Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crime rate increasing in the area

I have been checking my emails and got to know that the area where I am living I mean the town or the city. The crime rate is increasing and it is getting serious too. Most crimes are happening in broad day light!

Thieves and robbers are daring than the old days. They will not bother if your home having anybody or not. Just the other day, my neighbor told my housemate that one of the homes in the area has been broken in. It was morning around 10 where everyone is at work. That home having a young man in it and he knows someone was there and he went in to the toilet shouting for help. Useless nobody came to his aid, guess the area is empty with people?

Ladies beware of your purse and wallet if you are walking any where at all.


  1. It' sad to know that is happening, just goes to show that robbers and thieves are becoming less worried about the time and if anybody is there, kind of cheeky if you ask me.

    Just be safe and try your best to have some kind of security or system in place.

  2. hi george, yeah I am worry safety here as I was they even got in from the roof top of the home.


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