Monday, August 31, 2009

Rosa's baby blog

I love blogging and since I started blogging I know there are many contests to take part. One blogger which I often bump into is Rosa. Rosa has a blog for her baby, she named it Inna's Wishful Thinking, you can check out her blog. 

There are so many pictures of baby Inna and she is so adorable. Currently Inna is not feeling well, I hope she gets well soon. I am glad Rosa is sharing this blog, she is is using to blog about progress of baby growing up and I agree with her that time flies.

Rosa is 100% Filipina and she is married to American Man, they have a baby girl. Baby Inna is born on 19 November 2008. Rosa's baby blog is easy to browse and has many pictures to share. The pictures on the blogs you can see the date she put up. This is good info for her and us to know more about her little girl.

I like visit to Rosa's baby blog, it is pink color and three columns template. Rosa's baby blog is currently a page rank 2 blog. Find out every little girl's dream at her blog.

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