Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: I am Buraot

I love blogging as I get to know bloggers on the blogsphere. Today I take a visit to blog I am Buraot, my first impression the blog is user friendly and you can see three templates platform. You can find the categories of posts located at right bar. The blog is a page rank of three and currently having 79 readers which you can see at the bottom right bar for his feed burner.

One post attracted my attention is the Entrecard No More, if you are using Entrecard like me you will like to read this post. With the new Entrecard his account in Entrecard is no longer available because of they don't allow the site Entredropper. I feel bad for him as his account deleted his lose his 14,000 entrecard credits. That is a lot of EC just imagine how you got to work for it. To know more just click on the link above to read.

At I am Buraot is where you read a day in the life of an antisocial. If you are away from Philippines, I am sure you like to read update about it.

I like to visit I am Buraot again, his blog has got the Bat logo which reminds me of the movie Batman.


  1. You can also try Buraot's entredropper.

    although he has been banned from EC, I still receive about 50 hits from that entredropper.


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