Friday, March 12, 2010

Kawaii blog Fab Momma

Today I am going to make a blog review on Fab Momma. Bambie is the author of the blog, I love the blog so kawaii so cute! She is self proclaimed Fab Momma, yes from the first impression of the blog I agree with her. Bambie also like to take part in GT and you can take a closer look at her on the dare to bare. The GT is getting fun and female blogger are taking part, it is about showing off your flesh. It is part of the March Theme for GT.

I like her three columns template, from the posts at her blog you can see that she update at least once a week. She has a blog for her little girl name Azumi. I love to eat and I am looking at the label of food trip. They are pictures of the food and I am so hungry looking at them, I love it what I see. The Japanese food, steak, Thai, what else? You got to visit her blog to find out, she is updating every Friday on meme Food Trip Friday.

This blog is about scribbled thoughts of a momma, I love to come by this blog more often. One of my favourite colours is yellow and I find there is label of yellow mellow. Yeah there is something yellow colour in the post. You can see variety of pictures with yellow. Now don't just read here, take a visit to Fab Momma blog.

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