Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sad life?

My classmate called me the other day, she asking me out but I cannot because I am not free. Anyway she is pregnant and she told me about her cannot live like me. I love blogging and I don't mind being full time blogger as I have my own time and I can be my own boss. As for her she told me that she cannot have such life as she will bore to death.

She told me that she is very active and need to go out often and want shopping. Tell me who does not like shopping? Anyway she keeps telling me to find a job, she has no idea how hard to find a job that you love. Most of the time now is you don't get to choose the job you like but the employers choose you. To be honest most of the time it would be you have the look, you have the job.

My classmate pregnant and she is about to have her baby as it is her 3rd trimester. She is staying far away from me, it is best for her to stay at her home and rest or have her hubby to bring her go shopping.

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