Sunday, July 22, 2012

Problem with Hotmail lockout

I remembered I posted that one of my email account was hacked. I manage change the password but I have problem sign in the hotmail. It keeps showing that hotmail lockout, I will try again tomorrow to see if I can login. Anyone having such experience like me? I read some people waited half an hour and manage sign in account. Another waited 24 hours, I just manage change the password an hour ago and trying so hard to sign in since then, I must have trying to hard they written I try too many times that is why I am lockout. I don't mind loosing all the contacts in email account I just want my Hotmail account back. It was my first hotmail account, it was hacked few years back and only tonight I manage to change password as I use another email of it. In the mean time you can check out giveaway at

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