Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bring baby to watch ghost movie

I don't know that they are many parents that dare to bring children to watch ghost movie. I mean it's ghost movie, most kids will be terrified to watch example my kids. :D

After watched Pee Mak movie, I find that many parents with their young children watched the movie. Hmm.. I don't think my son likes to watch it even though it is funny movie. My toddler knows to cover his eyes too!

I watched the movie at GSC Midvalley after movie it would be about 11.30pm. I remembered watch Iron Man 3 with son and a couple with young kids need to leave because their children making noise.

School holiday with 17 days, what are you going to do? Why not check out my review on Pee Mak movie. I plan to bring son to watch Epic during this school holiday, how about you?

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