Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bangsar Shopping Center

Yesterday my first time to Bangsar Shopping Center, the last time I went there was in year 1999 if not mistaken. The year where MIX FM held for the Pegeot car contest for participant to collect two keys and try open the car.

The shopping mall is not big, it is not user friendly. I don't see any bench to sit on. That mean if you like to take a seat, you can only go to the dining area. I parked three hours and it cost me RM9.

The sign to go restroom is not clear, I can't find the restroom and ended up asking another lady. I had an hour jam to reach this mall, the raining from my place to the mall none stop. 4pm started my journey. I attended the Bio Essence event for bloggers, happy to meet friends there. :D

After the event, coming home I paid two tolls total RM2. A motorcycle was tailing me, it was crazy he would caused the accident on the road. He didn't think of safety of his family and my safety! Crazy biker speeding even though raining!


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