Friday, November 15, 2013

Tumpang giveaway?!

As you know I am having my Movember giveaway, so this company saw I having giveaway at my blog. They emailed me asking me to post their giveaway on my blog. I was like huh.. why should I?!

I asked them about their giveaway, basically they are based on most likes to win. Well then forget it, anyway no interest to post up any info for them for FOC.

It's my blog, I have right to reject them! 

Well hints of the company, hehe..  they have sunglasses/glasses..

Doesn't this just make you mad, you having your giveaway and they want you to promote their giveaway on your blog for FREE.



  1. i wonder if that is glassessonline?
    lol...both way deal...must have a fair treat

  2. They can find other blogger to blog their giveaway.

    It's same title as mymomsbest giveaway. lol..


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