Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mydin CNY Carnival

Yesterday I attend the Mydin Chinese New Year Carnival, you can click on the post for more detail. Above is of the video taken using my phone. You can click on the link above to view another video which is China Wushu. No kidding the are Wushu folks invited from China.

I didn't notice the fire cracker is one of the decoration at the mall. You can watch the video to find out why.

My son and I arrived at the mall about 6pm, we waited in car for parking. After 10 minutes, I manage find a car park. I left at 10.30pm the lucky draw still going on but no luck for me. My lucky draw number 481, a woman with number 491 won. I was late to know about the lucky draw, I was already in 3rd round when I knows of the lucky draw. I didn't look at my time, I didn't wear a watch. I saw three people walking away with hampers they won.

It was a fun night, glad to see my son enjoy. 

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