Saturday, November 22, 2014

Whose on holiday mood?

It's school holiday now, so what's your plan on this few weeks before the school start?

Yesterday I brought my kids to see my toddler kindergarten. Yeah have decided to sign up the kindergarten which located 20min drive from my home. Near my home there are not many choices of kindergarten, though they are a few but they are lack of Mandarin. Not all kindergarten offering the mandarin subject, no kidding there was one kindergarten asking for RM4,300 a term fee saying that their kindergarten is offer just basic Mandarin class. RM4300 a term is way too much, we can't afford it too. Well, I bet there are many expensive kindergarten there and here.

Mandarin is important subject, so I know is important to find good kindergarten for my toddler. The kindergarten has opened for 18years, I didn't know of it. Should have sent my eldest there, if he studied there I bet his foundation of Mandarin will be strong.

Anyway School holiday, waiting for fun kids event for my boys to join.

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