Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday a visit to Dentist usj Subang Jaya

This morning I bring son for check up his teeth at dentist in Taipan USJ, as usual need to go few rounds to find parking. Son's teeth will be changing soon so dentist says let it be as he's afraid of pain in removing teeth.

I have teeth cleaning and polishing, I also have two upper left side tooth filled. Total damage for today RM150.

In the afternoon, dear's back so bring kids to their haircut. RM15 for my kids to have their hair cut. Sean has bit blister on left's side near his ear, he saw the blood so he needs a small plaster for it. I bought multiple size plaster from Guardian so I use that to plaster his wound.

This morning supposed to go for shopping mall in KL for the easter egg hunt, but both of us too tired. We just want to sleep later more so we can see dentist at 12.30pm. 

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