Monday, May 25, 2015

Wealth is health no matter what!

There is nothing matter more than wealth is health, you can't buy health with money. Education is important but children's health matter more because they is nothing matter more, if one person does not own healthy body what's the good of having good result in exam and education.

Parents are busy with their works, when children fall sick, some parents would that emergency leave to bring the child home after a visit to the clinic or hospital. Beware if children is having fever, and tiny red spots on the body, it can be dengue fever or other illness.

Being parent, we wants the best for our children but no matter what remember that children's health comes first. The rest can wait and let them heal and rest before letting them back to school. I know my son is worry about having more homework to do and unfinished work in school.

Until today we have yet to plan about family vacation during school holiday. I truly need a vacation, I shall plan for it soon.

A getaway with family is the best, a getaway for myself maybe lonely. 

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