Thursday, July 9, 2015

Menara BRDB behind Bangsar Shopping Centre

It's been a long time since I last travel to Bangsar Shopping Centre, I seldom go to the mall unless I have to.  I recall my last visited the mall was attending the Bio-Essence event. Yesterday I used waze app to guide me to the mall. Guess what happened? It shows me delay of route, which I can't turn in because I miss it. I don't know why waze delay to say the turning and it was confusing because I thought the waze bring me from Federal Highway to Bangsar but it brings me from Damansara to go there.

Things got worst when I need to park at roadside at condos or apartments to see the waze again. I was almost giving up to go because I was late for the appointment too. I am suppose to go collection of prize there in Menara BRDB.

When reaching the place, I thought I have parked in Menara BRDB but I was parking in the Bangsar Shopping Centre. Anyway it is just walking distance from the mall to the Menara. I asked the concierge to point me how to go.

Lucky me I found a parking not far from exit, I didn't want to go rounding again and again to find parking. I needed to wait for the GM to comes back from his lunch though the time is 3.30pm. After collection of prize, it was nearly 4.30pm, it took me 40 minutes to reach home from there. It's heavy traffic jam after the sprint highway. 

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