Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vincci Warehouse Sale @Glenmarie Shah Alam

The day 2nd October where the first day of warehouse sale started. I totally forgot about this sales. I saw someone updated on Facebook about the huge pack of people waiting outside the gate of the warehouse sale. So I know that I won't be going there.

I love warehouse sales I have been to FOS Warehouse Sale nearby there. I saw online newspaper even updated about this Vincci Warehouse Sale where there's video to watch. People pushing the gate as well as climbing over the wall into the warehouse sale area.

Who doesn't like to shop for good quality and cheap goods? Perhaps the management is not ready for such big sales. Usually I go to warehouse sale like cosmetic brands, they would limit the people that enter and yes they do check on the bags. If you have handbag, the guard will have a plastic bag for you to put inside then sealed it. You can open the sealed plastic bag again during the cashier payment.

I haven't been to Vincci Warehouse Sale but I saw the Facebook ad that RM15 a pair of heels. It is pretty good deal! I didn't know that their warehouse sale can attract thousands showing up to shop. Sad to say the sales only lasted 2 hours? I was told just 10am to 12noon. Some people that have bought the shoes, they didn't shop for one pair but ten pair of shoes. I am not sure if goods are sold out that quick.

There's haze so I am sure people want to shop quick and get back in their car and go home. Nobody likes to wait and warehouse for sure do not provide you any air conditioner.

Have you been to any warehouse sale?

If for shopping for baby products, I recall the long queue for shopping at Pureen Warehouse Sale. I did that for few times during my first son still below 3 years old. Before he's born, I also shop at Anakku Warehouse Sale.

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