Saturday, November 7, 2015

Movie review: The Last Witch Hunter

This morning after fetch my mom, straight we head to AEON BIG Subang Jaya.

I brought mom to eat breakfast and she chosen to eat lamb chop RM14. I choosen the BBQ wantan mee noodle RM8. Today dinner we are supposed to have dinner with my dad but due to heavy rain, my dear called it off.

After that brought her to Daiso, she bought some socks and things that she likes. Then we go to Subang Parade for MBO Cinema. I try to redeem birthday movie passes but my password keep reject by their system. Then the Manager told me that he can helped me but then I need to email them again about my password cannot login.

So my mom and I watched The Last Witch Hunter, the movie has begun about 20minutes when we entered the hall.

We got scare a few times in the movie! Hooyeah! But we enjoy the movie, it's excited to know how Queen Witch being killed. I like the actor Vin Diesel, also Elijah Wood also in the movie. Elijah Wood is the famous actor in the Lord of the Rings! Now's he's acting as a priest in the movie.

It's been a long time I didn't watch a movie actor by Michael Caine, good to see him in this movie.

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