Sunday, December 6, 2015

Adventure time at Resorts World Genting

My son and me have a good fun time at Resorts World Genting, overnight in tent at Awana Longhouse. It's our first time to go there. Just to let you know getting to the Awana Longhouse, the bus cannot park inside the Awana Longhouse.

I will blog about this on

My dear didn't get to go as he needs to work. It is not suitable for my 4 yr old son to go jungle trek so he too didn't join me for this outdoor activities.

It's fun back to nature! Get to know many things and also friends that share info about what to touch and what not to touch because of thorns!Back home my dear helped me and my son to remove the thorns from his fingers and mine. Thanks my dear for the patience and love. :D

It was terrible jam yesterday in KL, so my dear and family stuck in the jam to pick me and son. Supposed he wants to park his car at Wisma Genting to avoid the jam back but he cannot. The Wisma Genting parking is closed on Sunday.

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