Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya

buffet dinner at the Hotel
 June School Holidays was fun and it's over now, kids are back to school. 27 May 2017, is where I have check in the hotel. The extra bed which is single not inclusive of breakfast is RM79.50. Sean and WL wanted the extra bed, so in the end its Sean that slept on it.
breakfast at the hotel
 The Saturday night kids and me have a buffet dinner together at the hotel. As WL is below 7 years old so he's free of charge. There's no bath tub in the hotel room, our room is 12th floor and facing the Hilton Hotel on the opposite.
 Dear was busy at work he only joined us at night. I drove back home the night and join my dear's car to back hotel but before that we headed supper at A&W. I didn't know there's two outlets of A&W near to Amcorp Mall.

Its indeed an adventurous day because WL went toilet for big project and he locked the door on his way out after the poop project. Guess what by the time I wanna to go toilet for big project I am unable to get in the toilet. Lucky Sean's around I told him to wait with WL in the room so that I can go Lobby to find toilet. 5 minutes after I left the maintenance came to fix the toilet door. I called twice the front desk to seek them help to unlock the toilet door. I couldn't wait anymore or hold any longer, if you got to go you got to go!

13 and 14 floors of the hotel are under renovation.
Special thanks to 100comments, that I get to enjoy this short vacation with my family.

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