Wednesday, May 2, 2018

2nd May of the Month 2018

Yesterday son has got tuition after send him to tuition we headed to breakfast. After parking at the apartment I spotted a dead cat on the other side of the road which is next to the car. It's a full grown cat which has many flies around it, the body of the cat has bloated too. 1st day of May and that's what I saw, seem not a good sign at all.

Today is second day of May and last night after drinking the sup kambing I had ice cream in the night. Sad to say that I didn't feel well in the night and went to purging every hour, also feeling like want to vomit but not able.

This morning I had medicine before heading to the event which I have rvsped. Kind of feel bad if I didn't show up as have rvsped. Lucky I didn't feel the urge to go toilet in the LRT ride. 14 stops in total to reach the destination and its 35 minutes ride.

I had light meal as I cannot take any oily or dairy products. I also didn't take any fruits. My friend offered me a bottle of fruit juice I didn't take it as I scare I am going to throw up after drinking it. The parking at Aloft Hotel is RM10 for event attended at the hotel. Three of my friends parked their car there in the hotel.

Then I receive a call from volunteer in school that my youngest has been left in school as nobody pick him up. The aunt rider suppose to fetch him home, she has forgot of it and thought she was suppose to fetch my eldest. Lucky that I called home and sis-in-law said that nephew is home is able to fetch him. Nephew didn't have any class in the afternoon, if he has surely he cannot make it to fetch him and I would be 25 minutes or 35 minutes away to fetch him.

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