Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CC: Our likes and dislikes

Last week I share bit with you about our total opposite. Today it is about our likes and dislikes. My dear likes to watch Chinese drama related to old history, I like watch Chinese drama related to comedy or action. He likes to drink coffee, I like drink milk tea I do like coffee but I don't take so much as I can get headache. We like to go shopping mall, we also like eat buffet because he can many rounds.

My dear dislike eats crabs but he will help me break the hard part, I like eat crabs. I like to eat durian and he likes to eat durian ice cream. He not interested to eat durian only prefer durian ice cream or durian puff. He does not like the smell of my breath after eat durian I does not like the smell of his feet after taking his socks. Hehe.. I know we all agree on this.

We dislike people that keep repeat what have been said.

Rodliz’s Nest


  1. oh crabs. i love it too, sooo delicious. i lile durian candy but not the fruit itself.

    happy CC!

  2. what the?? your hubby doesn't like crabs? my hubby likes it and he would crack the shell for me, how sweet. I love durian candies as well, I don't remember eating fresh durian fruit, is it eatable when it's fresh? I agree with you regarding the stinky feet, hehehe. Great post Sherry. See you next week.

  3. hi Rossel durian candy we have it too but I prefer durian itself.

    hi mommy liz, yeah he finds it troulesome to eat. LOL yeah the durian can eat fresh :D some is bitter and some is sweet taste.


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