Friday, August 6, 2010

CC: We Total Opposite

I am late for this CC, today you get to know me and my dear more.

Things that we are totally opposite.

Food: He loves eat Fried Chicken Spicy of KFC but I prefer original flavour.
Movies: He not interested in horror movie but I like horror movie.
Personal Hygiene: He takes shower only once a day, I take at least twice a day.
Interest: He prefers spend money on gadgets but I prefer on vacation.

Just little about us but I hope to share more next week. :D

Rodliz’s Nest


  1. wow, very few opposites huh! My hubby is the same as your, likes to spend money on gadgets, but I love to spend mine on used stuff for the house. Even if you have differences like that, you are still happy because you can compromise and understand each other.

  2. yeah mommy liz, can't think much.. I know there is more.

  3. why do men loves spending money in gadgets? si hubby ko din e may pagka-techy.

    it's my first time here sis and I am now following your site.

  4. hi Rossel my dear told me that gadget last longer than vacation. :D


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