Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family, love and everything

I really need a vacation as I have been spending so much time on work. The work so hard and I am happy to be helping out in the family but I find that I spend too much time on contests and I realized how much I have missed. There are so many things I need to think and plan about, I know everything cannot be in hurry but I am so in a mess. LOL

I am not well organized with my stuff and I know that I need to learn to do it. Nobody is perfect, we are learning everyday. I am happy today as I get to cook for loved one, I have spinning time as I cannot think of what ingredient to put. Many sleepless nights, I am trying to pull myself together. I have talk to loved one about it, just hope there is co-operation.

If not that I am alone, this is life we cannot always rely on others. I am not good with many things but I really enjoy blogging to share my ramblings with you. It hurts when you think about your family like how much time loss there, some people just care about it. They do not want to be part of it anymore, maybe this is just my thought but I hope we can solve it.

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