Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GT: Pink is here

Pink pendants necklace, pink scarf, all in pink!
You are looking at pink Swarovski necklace that I made.
Pink dress that I never get the chance to wear.

I love pink colour and this is one of my favourite colours. I also like other colours, you are looking at my pink vanity kit. My purple violet post you can still read if you miss out. You are also looking at pink dress of mine which I never get the chance to wear, I am over weight so I cannot fit in this beautiful dress anymore.

I also made a pink swarovski necklace, it is pink in colour. I also have pink scarf, pink jewellery, I want to have pink room too! Opps I forgot to show you the pink Baby Wanna Walk Doll, I found it in the store room. I kept for so long and many years still in good shape only not try the battery if it works or not.

To see more pink this GT just click badge below. :D


  1. sige sis, giev away mo na lang the pink dress, type ko eh hahahaaa!

    the scarf is lovely too!

    GT entry here

  2. hi Kero, the pink dress need some sewing as I keep it so long some threads missing

  3. gosh i love the pink dress. you should wear it sometime and show it to us ^^

  4. Wow! A lot of lovely pink stuff you got there.

    My pink things

  5. agree kay kero sis, giveaway na yan,samahan mo ng swarovski na gawa mo. nice stuffs.
    dami ding beauty stuffs, sali mu yan this saturday sa themeko, SKIN CARE. see ya there

  6. I hope you could wear the dress sometime; it's beautiful.

    My Pink Stuff

  7. Oh i love the pink dress also...

    Here's Mine Sheng's Fave Color

  8. now the pink dress made me drool..and the necklace you made is so amazing, pwede pang business. heheh=)

  9. wow! you really make your own jewelry? crafty!

    i don't know if it's my connection but your page keeps redirecting to ads... =(

  10. WOW! Swarovskis are really COOL... and costly, lol! I can't afford to make even a small bracelet and you made a NECKLACE?? life isn't fair... lol! nice post!


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