Monday, May 14, 2012

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV enjoy the depth, realism and entertainment of 3D

There is a party for Nuffnanger on 23 May, 2012 on Wednesday. It is 6.30pm onwards, venue at GSC Signature, Gardens @ Lounge area. Dress Code is Casual.

This is my entry hoping to win a pair of invites to the party! I want to experience the first-hand new Cinema Screen Design, featuring a 1mm bezel, creating a more optimal and comfortable environment for immersive 3D viewing! My family members especially my son likes to watch movies, animations and music videos. There goes my son above posting as one of the heros from movie Marvel's Avengers.

Personally I would like to experience a brand new viewing experience like never befoe with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV. Seeing it in person is beliveing it, it is awesome don't just read here

Experience a LG Cinema 3D Smart TV at home will make a difference. :D

Do you know they would be total of 5 units of LG Blu-Ray Players,one Home Theathre System and one spanking new 42" Cinema Screen LTV for you to win! Click here for detail.

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