Friday, May 11, 2012

Matching Dresses With Handbags

It's not hard to match your dress with a purse, just use complimentary colors and common sense! I've bought a lot of cheap dresses this past month including a few new floral dresses for summer. All of them match perfectly with my purse since it's black, and that pretty much goes with everything. The dresses that I tend to like are the longer ones, the ones that I can really enjoy myself in. These are rather long dresses that can hide the shape at times and still look great. I love to see girls that have been tom-boys most of their childhood try on a dress for the first time. They are usually very scared at first, but then after moving around in it (depending on the girl) they tend to fall in love. I have seen a dress convert so many tom-boys, it's really beautiful. It's not like I look down on the lifestyle or anything but I think that every woman should give herself and her body a chance in a beautiful dress. Other things that can increase self esteem include positive self talk, giving yourself a spa day, doing activities and hobbies that you really enjoy, going out and talking to people, making people laugh, and just taking care of yourself in general.

Try as many different kinds of dresses as possible to find your favorite style. You won't regret it! After you find the type of dress you like most, shopping gets a lot easier. If you tend to opt for the tighter fitting dresses, bodycon will showcase your figure for sure. If you like a bit of leeway and movement in your dress, you should go to a sundress which is flowing and pretty. Everyone is comfortable in a sundress and it is beautifully formed to be both loose fitting and still show off some curves. If you are still unsure about what type of dress to get, consult some friends or just search some images online to find out what you really like. A maxi dress can be a great first time dress for a tom-boy that used to love covering her body. It can really help ease her into the world of dressing up and looking womanly. They are also very cute so it's a win-win situation! There are lots of different kinds of dresses that can showcase your figure and if you like more form fitting, than I would go for something different that a maxi or a sundress since those are pretty loose. My only advice is to give everything a try and then really see what you like! I have always bought my purses from thrift stores and it has been a very financially wise decision on my part. They are all cute too, just cost me at least fifty bucks not buying them brand new. I think it's smart to save money whenever you possibly can.

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