Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Run down by negative thoughts

Has anyone every try to ruin your positive thought?

I like to be around happy people because it make us happy and cheerful. Being with negative people just drain your energy and ruined everything you gonna say next. No kidding no matter what your say, they just hit you back with negative.

No matter what I cherish every moment with my loved ones, I don't know what happened to my toddler's leg. There's red marks on it and nobody knows about until we checked on him. He was away with sister in law to her parent's home. He then follow us to beach to play sands, yeah click on the link to see pictures.

We have happy moments together as family and there's no family picture of us because we didn't ask any stranger to help us take shot. I was busy with my boys as my dear sitting down to check his phone's etc.

Being a parent is never easy, we need to give what's the best for our children. If there's no best, we choose 2nd best option for them. So they are people that trying to tell us they have very good tuition center at their home town, so it's good for them. We don't have such tuition center here. It's probably they just want to tell that's the best tuition center for the children, its so good they give best results for their children exams, etc, but we don't have here so I choose other center for my child.

No matter how good or bad is the tuition center, I would say it is always up to the child whether he can adapt to their education style or not. Not everybody can adapt to it, even by force it would be harsh or tough for the child. Always think that better survey and find out before you decide. Whatever other says whether it is good or not, you can survey to know more about it. 

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