Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time management and punctuality

I dislike people that not being punctual. I mean we can have excuse on being late, etc but it's not good to do that all the time. I always be early or try on time on what I have promised.

Someone told me that it was 12 noon then it changed to 5 pm without informing or calling me to inform. Though it was 5 hours different but you know how precious is the time?! You can never purchase money on time. Time is priceless. 

My son was not with me imagine how a mother would feel?! Though he is with family member but is not right that you never call to say or inform that you'll be late. Lucky I called to ask, this is how a mom feel when he's separate from his child.

Let me say this again, my son was not back with us, so I need to wait him for next day 12 noon to be able to see him.. but it took longer than that. As the night I have movie date with eldest son, I came home late and my child is asleep and room was locked while others downstairs. I didn't get to see him the night, only next morning around 9.30am.

How many hours was that? You do the counting..

I don't want this happen again... sorry whatever reason you have.. once is enough.

My dad too dislike people being late on time. I have been saying this many time too, seem nobody gets it.

This is what happened when you don't take your words seriously!


  1. I can see you really manage your time very well.. You always early for whatever event you're attending.. Not keeping other waiting... Very good habit..

    But, how other people wanna manage their time is really another problem.. We can't ctrl over how other people doing.. That's the problem...

    1. yeah, that's why from schooling, the teacher will punish children that is late from class. The late comer need stand outside class an hour or get punish sitting very front near board in school. This happened at primary school.

  2. I do so agree. it is so annoying when people cannot keep their punctuality. I get very stressed if I am late for something and try my best to be somewhere as early as I can.

    1. yeah no matter what, is better to inform then just let the person to wait.


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