Monday, August 4, 2014

Planning on family trip

Yeah we are planning on vacation, it's going to be fun and just 4 of us because others can't make it on the date.

It's a next month as school holiday in September. It is our family first vacation as my toddler never goes by flight before. My eldest is excited too as he told me he miss sitting on flight.

Yeah despite cases on flights most people fear of taking any. We can't hold back the past, we need to move on.

Life goes on.

Edited 6 Aug 2014, we had family vacation before it was years back when my eldest son is only 3 years old. We headed to Kuching, Sarawak. Sister in law also come along in this trip.


  1. Happy for you....

    It's like finally.. first family trip! :)

    1. thanks Kylie, we are excited for this family vacation.


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