Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World Breastfeeding Week at Tropicana Medical Centre

 Today I attended the breastfeeding workshop in conjunction with world breastfeeding week at Tropicana Medical Centre, just for your info the first house or part thereof RM1, each subsequent hour of part thereof RM1, per entry 7pm to 6.59am RM2, Per entry on Sundays or Public Holidays RM2, lost of parking ticket RM25.00. Yup like any parking premises, park at your own risk.

For your information, if day pass of RM5 for multiple entry is available for patients that admits to their hospital. 
The maximum parking charge for inpatient is RM5/day, the pass can be collected at their concierge counter during office hours.

It's my first time to the Tropicana Medical Centre, the staffs are friendly and I used waze app to get there.
above goodies I brought home from the workshop, I also won one of the hampers from below picture.
Thanks to Tollyjoy and Tropicana Medical Centre, I know more about goodness of breastfeeding. Yeah I was a breastfeeding mom of my 2 boys.

My first child, I exclusively breastfeeding when he's 4 months old baby before that I just pump out to give him drink. It's not easy but I never give up and he weaned by himself at aged of 3 and half years old. 

My second child, breastfeeding by pumping out milk until he's around 2 years old. WHO do encourage mommies to breastfeed until baby 2 years old, I know every mom will need loved one support. Breastfeeding is the best and you save so much money from purchase milk powder.

above are goodies and hampers awaiting media to answers the Q&A.
Irene Yeo, Sales & Marketing Manager of Tollyjoy from Singapore. She's explains on breastfeeding products for mothers by Tollyjoy. 

Read soon from mymomsbest.us for the Tollyjoy breastfeeding workshop. 
I have upload some instagram video of the workshop, you can check out instagram sherrygo

About Tollyjoy
Founded in 1971 in Singapore, Tollyjoy Corporation is a company principally involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Baby Care and Mother Care Products under its brands of Tollyjoy and Little Precious. In line with Tollyjoy's tagline of 'for the baby you love', Tollyjoy is committed to setting the high bar in the industry with safety, durability and reliability of their products. Tollyjoy products are available at Aeon and Aeon Big nationwide, selected Tesco outlets, select locations at The Store and Pacific outlets under The Store Group, at Billion Supermarkets and at various other locations around the country. 

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