Thursday, August 14, 2014

RM57 voucher code shopping

How many bloggers are getting this shopping voucher code? I am not sure but with only RM57 code, but comes with terms and conditions that you need to spend RM200 in order to use the voucher code.

The online jewellery shop has price range of RM100 less or above up to RM18,000. No kidding, I have browse the online shop and as usual they would say they have the best products ever, etc.

I am particular on purchase jewellery online as I experienced before online shopping that my goods came with scratches and there's no way of returning or exchange it. It's one of their terms and conditions stated.

Well this email has spread to many bloggers and they have told that they are the selected bloggers that gets this special offer along with their readers. 


  1. thanks for comforting me back in january, those thing has been explained in "", everything seems to be okay now, just started a new blog domain name as

    (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  2. hmmm... not worth it... you get this discount voucher everywhere... so not really worth it at all unless you want to buy jewellery...

    1. not gonna use it, its just waste of time seeing its online store.


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