Friday, October 3, 2014

Movie review: Annabelle the doll

Yesterday afternoon I head out to Sunway Pyramid, mm.. not sure why so many people queue to purchase tickets around noon time. RM16 a ticket to watch Annabelle!

Sorry to say the movie is not as scary as Conjuring, yeah Conjuring still the best!

They are parts in the movie where college students sat next next me got scare. Boys! I don't know what goes wrong with young people today, they using alot F word in the cinema while watching movie.

The doll does not move it's eyes like Chucky the doll. So yeah compare to Chucky the doll, Chucky sure alot more scary than Annabelle.

In this movie, you will find how a mom struggle to protect her baby. She thought the devil is after her baby, but the priest says that it's not after her baby but her! Baby can't talk, a baby can't offer herself.

How the Annabelle doll got possessed? A drop of blood of the woman who slaughter her parents! The blood goes in the Annabelle's doll's eye... 

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