Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unfriend someone on Facebook

Frankly speaking it is my first time to unfriend someone on Facebook. It started as this person joined a media day out. I don't know who is the person and most of my blogger friend too. Anyway after back then not long a friend message me to ask is there a blogger guy disturb other bloggers. I didn't know what's going on as I didn't see anything wrong, oh well on the day I have to follow my son and events of the day no time to keep an eye on other things.

This week, I find out that it's the blogger that attended the event has posted picture of a female blogger, even though he mention he didn't know who is the blogger but things got worst when he has bad thoughts on the gal. Whatever it is, it is not right to do that. Not sure if the female blogger make any report on this blogger. The pretty blogger dresses nice that day, so what?! Anyone can dress nice or ugly and it's not right the male blogger having unhappy thoughts on the person or fantasy towards her.

Anyway, I have unfriend the blogger of Facebook. I don't know know this male blogger and his updates on his FB's wall just disturb me. A friend even ask me in an event if I have seen this blogger or know him, I don't know him. He says it also freaks him out knowing got such anonymous exists in media day out. 

Not just unfriend but unfollow too, I have better things to do then follow useless updates on my Facebook. The person with lots of negative feeling, most of it so better of the person be in it's own world.

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