Friday, September 5, 2014

Don't eat leftover food!

Opps! It's what bad luck day for me, my car hit the street pose and my car injury. Lucky the street pose is hard enough didn't fall down but bad luck to me as my car damage front. Son and I was chatting in the car while I am parking my car, woot there goes big bag to the pose. After I parked the car, he says he needs to see my car condition.

Over the mamak stall, I ate his leftover food as he didn't want to eat the prawn or meat. He just well a day after vomit and purging, I totally forgotten it and I ate his leftover then it's my turn to start purging. I have taken medicine but in the afternoon I drink plenty of milk, there goes my fire buttock to go restroom. I ate his left over in the afternoon before sending him for tuition Eye Level.


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