Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LRT Kelana Jaya to LRT Sri Rampai takes 20 stops

I counted yes, I counted how many stops it takes from LRT Kelana Jaya to LRT Sri Rampai. RM2.50 for the one way ticket, then parking at Kelana Jaya LRT Station RM3. I asked the man that is sitting next the entrance car park the time closed for the station. LRT Station Kelana Jaya closed 12midnight.

While in the train then came two blind men, standing nobody is giving up their seats, a gal next me and myself give our seats to them but next me also have a seating. The blind men took the seats, rest of people that seating was busy with their smart phones. Some people seated just pretend don't see?

By the way I reached LRT Kelana Jaya in the night it was about 11.20pm, the car park is closed. Not many cars left in the parking lot.

It was a long day, in the afternoon I was lost using waze to Menara Bata, it took me rounding the place 45 minutes to finally find the building. Going up the hill slop of housing area then going down the hill slop, you have no idea how narrow it can be the road. So high up that you feel like you are on roater coaster. I driving up I was like shouting...

The night I reached home at 11.45pm, I drank a glass of fresh milk. My bad, I didn't know that fresh milk and seafood can't be in same tummy, night all night long 5 times of diarrhea. It's a long time for me but I manage get rest but still feeling tired today.

Just now my mind was blank don't know what to blog about.

LRT Sri Rampai to Wangsa Walk the walking distance is about 15 minutes. You can see the mall from LRT station but you need to walk and crosses some traffic lights to reach. I didn't have time to walk around the mall.

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