Friday, September 19, 2014

Busy mom and son

It's going to be school holiday over soon, I can say he is not ready for final exam. I hope he tried his best and I am trying my best to teach him too. He needs time to remember, many words he didn't understand or know how to read.

Anyway it's an happy week for him as well. He gets to go event with me which is suitable for him. His classmate birthday celebration today, but he can't make it as he has to go Eye Level. On top of that, yesterday he had so much fun in Jungle Adventure we left only at 11.15pm from there. We reached home almost 12 midnight then he showered and head to bed and sleep.

The birthday invitation is to go The Gardens, Midvalley. 5pm to 9pm. Only yesterday I receive call from his classmate regarding this.

I haven't pack for tomorrow event to see Ice Age Adventure. I am thankful I can get a room with the complimentary letter that I won. Hopefully everything goes smooth tomorrow, to be able get the Deluxe room in 1st World Hotel.

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