Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bigger car, more money to invest

Who doesn't want to have a bigger car? Do you know that bigger car will consumption for more fuel? Well we know that bigger car have more spaces of seating etc. But look at one point, having a car main attention is going from place A to place B. Car value will drop, though it will be a brand new car for you. But it's going to be second hand car when you are selling out so you know the figure won't be the same any more. Don't forget of the car loan, you have to start over to pay again?!

It's all about money after all, there is why some family having two cars in the family for more. They will use the cars to go a destination together for example heading to have family meal or visiting family. If going for vacation there is a choice of rental cars.

Anyway about car, I haven't take my car for the repair center to find out how much it would cost to repair front bumper of my car.

My dad drove second hand car for many years and he has no interest to change his old car. Furthermore it's slow but to him, as long he drives home safely, slow and steady, it's fine for him. 


  1. Car always an headache. Got car headache no car also headache. what to do

    1. yeah, agree with you. just find out from friend that her car spoil and sell out after repair only cost RM23K after using four years the Proton Exora.


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